When I can makeup after LASIK ?

How long should I wait to use makeup after LASIK me ? Surely you’ve asked this question if you are considering getting Lase eye surgery . Sieve LASIK surgery to correct vision in one or both eyes of people suffering from nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism. The surgery is designed to reduce or eliminate the need for a patient to wear contact lenses or contact lenses. There are some restrictions that must undergo the patient after surgery , including the use of makeup for a while.

Makeup After Lasik

It is recommended that women undergoing LASIK procedures using makeup for 3 days after surgery . This includes lipstick and facial lotions . After those three days , you can wear makeup except eye makeup . Doctors recommend that Lasik patients wait a week before applying eye makeup.

Because the makeup is applied on the face, there is a chance that you may end up in the eye . This irritate the eyes in the same way that when we have not undergone ocular surgery with the problem that, in this case, can cause infection and even damage to the eye .

Stay away from your face

Although this phrase may resultarte strange at first, soon you’ll understand what we mean. Many doctors advise their patients to stay away from his own face in the days after Lasik surgery . This means that in general, try not to touch your face and even if you can , avoid using facial soap for the bath or shower for up to three days after surgery . Be careful with hair soap , try not to get in eyes .

Prior to surgery

Restricting makeup is not meant only for postoperative recovery . Doctors recommend that you not use makeup before surgery , too. In fact , many put the ban does not wear makeup in the 3 days before the surgery , citing the same reasons that the application Postoperative injury, irritation and infection.

Doctors warn of the danger of bringing the fingers around the eyes ( including something as simple as removing a tab ) . It can be harmful to the eyes for up to three days after surgery . Many doctors advise their patients not to touch the eye for any reason until they have it surgically repaired . It is likely that the doctor will proportions eyedrops to help with lubrication of the eyes and irritation potential of particles in the air.

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