Natural Remedy for Cancer

The juice is regarded as a natural cancer cure that can help patients and cancer tumors are rodent tuber juice (rodent tuber juice). This juice is booming in Indonesia and Malaysia. Here is a recipe from the rodent tuber juice :

50 g taro mice
1 stone mortar (Do not use equipment made ​​of metal or aluminum)
warm water

natural cure cancer
How to manufacture:

Rinse all parts taro mice (leaves, bulbs and roots), set aside.
Clean the stone mortar. Then rinse with warm water, set aside.
Put taro mice then pounded up out of the water.
Put enough warm water to the mortar after rodent tuber somewhat ruined.
Mix warm water and rodent tuber juice until blended so well blended with water.
Save filtering up then pour a glass of water from the mortar.
Natural cancer drugs ready to be drunk.

For people with cancer or tumors, drug consumption is 3 times a day (morning, afternoon and prophecy). This juice should be drunk immediately after being made to avoid losing its contents. These drugs are effective but arguably better for pregnant women should not consume this drug so that the baby’s health is not disturbed.

Need diketahu advance that the drug tumor / cancer can make the throat a little scratchy. But do not worry there is a way to cure him swallowing sugar or honey after sipping juice. For pederita diabetes, sugar and honey can be replaced with salt water.

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