Oct 16

Present the Milk For Babies

Milk is the main food baby therefore infant milk powder containing many vitamins proteins etc, how to make milk for the baby also can not be arbitrary and conditions are hygienic, here is the process of presenting baby milk:

Rinse baby drinking equipment using brushes and soap.
Sterilize all the equipment to be used. If you use traditional techniques of boiling, cup or bottle should be well submerged and no justice there is no air in it. Let boil in a state for at least 5 minutes. Cover the pan with sterile equipment in it to use. If not used immediately, remove and attach pacifiers and bottle caps, store it in a clean and dry.
Cook the water used as a solvent formula, including bottled water, to a boil, then let stand for 3 minutes before the flame is turned off. Let stand for 10-15 minutes in a sealed container, so that the temperature dropped to about 70 degrees C. water is ready for use.

Clean the prep table.
Wash hands with soap and running water, pat dry.
Pour water into a cup or bottle as a baby spent DAPT.
Add powdered milk to the appropriate dose, then cover and shake until well dissolved. Previously, note whether the milk powder is still good. Milk is not a good sign is the smell of change (rancid), color change (not bright yellow) or there is a blob.
Chill a bottle of milk by soaking in cold water or running water. Check with a drop of milk to the wrist. If it is warm or hot, ready to be drunk milk.
A formula has been dissolved should be taken and spent to avoid possible contamination. When the milk that has been reconstituted not immediately taken, then put in the fridge and re-heated by immersion in hot water before drunk. Either in the refrigerator or at room temperature, which has been reconstituted milk should be drunk before 2 hours.

Similarly, the process may be useful and add your knowledge