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cautious the dengue fever

Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever or Dengue usually attack when the rainy season. What’s our country, including tropical country that is a favorite habitat for mosquitoes. This fever can be a deadly disease if not treated immediately. In particular, children often become targets from mosquito bites that cause this disease. As a parent, you should try to prevent children and all family members to avoid this disease. Also need to act swiftly if a family member who showed symptoms of dengue fever. Arm yourself with information about this disease in order to help the negative consequences from the disease dengue hemorrhagic fever.
Mosquito Aedes aegypti

Outbreaks of dengue fever that drew worldwide attention first appeared in Manila in 1954. Most cases of dengue fever occurred in the country located in the tropics and subtropics. This is not surprising because mosquitoes love with a warm environment to live.

Aedes aegypti mosquito is a carrier of the disease dengue fever virus. How its spread through mosquito bites someone who is infected with dengue virus. This virus will be carried in the mosquito salivary glands. These mosquitoes then bite a healthy person. Simultaneously with the suctioning of blood from a healthy person, hemorrhagic fever viruses also move to that person and cause healthy people were infected with dengue virus.

Dengue mosquito has a different life cycles of insects. Mosquitoes are active from early morning until around 3 pm to suck the blood that also means it can spread the dengue virus. While at night, mosquitoes are sleeping. So, beware of mosquito bites during the day and prevent mosquito bites a child who was taking a nap.

Habits of this mosquito is he happy to be in a puddle of water and in areas with many trees such as in parks or gardens. Stagnant water in flower pot may be one of the favorite places of mosquitoes that can be forgotten by you.

Symptoms of Dengue Fever

A person infected with Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF), generally show the following symptoms:

Continuous high fever. Temperature around 39-40 degrees Celsius. It causes headaches in people.
Fever without coughing.
Stomach pain or nausea.
Body aching or pain in the joints.
Red spots appear, but this does not always happen in every case.

If anyone in your family show these symptoms, you should immediately take to the doctor to get treatment. Do not let the fever too long because it can lead to late to help. To be more exact, you can do a blood check.

Dangers of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF)

There are 4 types of Dengue disease. So, someone who has been affected by dengue fever, does not mean he will not be affected by this disease because there are three other types that can cause dengue fever as well.

When exposed to dengue fever, a person will have three phases. The first is the phase of fever during the first 3 days. 3 continues on the next day which is a critical phase. In this phase, the fever has not occurred, but in this phase should be careful not to be fooled by the thought had healed and no treatment. Three days later the healing phase.

One of the dangers of dengue fever is considered to be experienced as usual so it is considered a mild fever and did not get special treatment. Moreover, in the second phase, usually fever has gone down so it is considered cured.

DBD treatment

There is no specific medicine to cure dengue fever. So, things to do to help cure people affected by this disease are:

Give fever-reducing drugs or paracetamol.
Compress so not too high heat. Compress should be done with warm water instead of cold water or ice. Cold water may cause shivering patient so the body gets hot.
Drink lots of water. DHF patients will usually dehydrated, the water is very good for them. Water can also help reduce the heat. In addition to water, can also give the ORS fluids to aid in healing.
Foods that are nutritious. Actually there is no dietary restrictions for patients with DHF. Provide nutritious food for the body to be strong and able to fight the dengue virus. Fruits and vegetables can be very beneficial for recovery.
Drinking water guava leaf and red yeast rice can help increase platelets.

Treatment can be done at home if conditions are not bad people, and allowed by the doctor. But, take care in maintaining it. You should also continue to consult with your doctor and do blood check every day to find out his condition. Hospitalization may be an option if you feel it is more secure because of medical action can be taken immediately if the patient is given intravenous decline is also possible to increase the patient’s fluid.

The things that harm of dengue fever due to infection with this virus can cause blood platelets dropped to very low. Which would then cause the blood vessels become deflated, allowing blood to leak fluid into the cavities of the body and cause bleeding in the ear, nose, or skin that can lead to death.

Dengue Prevention

It is best to prevent it from family members affected by dengue. The actions that can be done to prevent it are:

Prevent mosquito breeding around us. You can do a 3M is Covering water storage, drain the tub and Burying the goods are unused. Mosquito larvae will develop in a puddle of water in about a week. Therefore, it prevented the possibility of objects that is where the development of these larvae such as flower pots, tin cans, old tires or other items that hold standing water, especially during the rainy season where these places can be a puddle of rain water.
Prevent mosquito bites do not, for example by using mosquito repellent lotion or medication.
Abate powder carrying around an ungainly on sewer and water reservoirs so as not to be a breeding place for mosquitoes.
Keep healthy condition. Conditions of a strong body, helps the body to ward off viruses that enter so that even if exposed to mosquito bites, the virus will not develop.

Dengue fever can not be considered a mild disease. This disease can cause death. Thus, precautions and always be vigilant against the disease can protect those you love from the dangers of dengue fever or dengue.