Oct 16

Body tissue Need Extra Attention

Muscle tissue in the human body is functioning as the bone homing. In some cases, the muscle has a significant role, especially the heart muscle, which contracts continuously

Anatomically, the muscle in the human body is divided into 3 major parts striated muscle, smooth muscle and cardiac muscle. Striated muscle is the muscle of spontaneous movement. This muscle fatigue, as is often the case in muscle lactic acid buildup.

“The workings of muscles is derived from motor signals from the brain that are aware, there are muscles in almost all outside the human body,” said Dr. Schraft Demonz, researchers from the University of California, USA.

Smooth muscle is a muscle in the digestive organs and blood vessels. The workings of these muscles generally are controlled from the autonomic nervous system (nerves unconscious). Smooth muscle formed from geondonan with both ends tapered, and has a single core. While the special task mempompa heart muscle of blood to the heart.

Cardiac muscle is the muscle tissue that can contract continuously without stopping. “The heart muscle can be influenced by the interaction of the sympathetic or parasympathetic nerves that slow down or speed up the heart rate, but can not control it consciously,” said Demonz.

Percentage of working muscle in the human body is approximately 18-26 per cent. Efficiency is defined as the ratio of muscle metabolism, based on the use of oxygen. Demonz adding that the muscles that spread throughout the human body has a portion of each, according to the place where the muscle is attached. The muscles are as follows.

1. Muscle Atrophy small piece of muscle.

2. Muscle hypertrophy is a major part of muscle.

3. Muscle Interkalaris Diskus is part of the muscles in the heart.

4. Muscle tendons Tendons are the ends which muscles shrink.

5. Ventricle muscle tendons that are the center of the bulging muscles.

6. Origo muscles are the muscles attached to the bones that are not moving.

7. Muscle insersio Origo is the opposite of the muscle that is attached to the muscles that move the bones. ria/R-2

How it Works and Functions

In his research, Demonz expose a particular protein in the muscle actin and myosin, so the muscles work by shortening (contracting) and relax (relaxation). The problem that often occurs in muscles such as muscle weakness is a problem that can not be taken lightly.

But often give a different meaning to every sufferer, because some people just feel tired. “But the true muscle weakness, despite trying hard, the normal force will not be achieved,” said Demonz.

Weakness can occur throughout the body, or confined in an arm, leg, hand or fingers. “The reason there are abnormalities in the muscles, tendons, bones or joints. But the most common cause of muscle weakness is a disorder of the nervous system, “he said. In addition to knowledge, Demonz said, the public should know the function of muscles in the human body. “This is important, because people would be more careful to treat muscle,” he said.

Here are some muscle function.

Shoulder muscles, the muscles that served to rotate and lift the arm. Triangular muscle round consists of three heads, namely anterior to lift the front, middle to lift the side and posterior to lift the rear.

Chest muscles ie muscles that served to push your shoulders forward. Its main function is to suppress or encourage movement.

Backs muscle is the largest muscle in the human body parts that serve to pull the shoulders back and down. Muscles are found in the upper back muscles is a collection of highly complex and overlapping each other. These muscles function as movers shoulder (rotator cuff), and keeping the body upright so. While existing muscles in the lower back is a set of muscles in the lower back which served to straighten up.

The arm muscles of the upper arm muscles that serve to bend the arm

Thigh and hip muscles are the greatest human muscle. Its function is to straighten the leg.

Calf muscles are the most prominent muscle that is located on the back of the calf is shaped like a diamond (diamond). His job to move the palm kaki.ria/R-2

You ought to be Eating It

In addition to exercise and train the muscles with weight training, food intake was an important part of muscle building. And Go, a personal trainer and nutritionist, as released Livestrong, suggesting that food intake can help them build muscle. Here are some foods that can build muscle.

1. Beef

Contribution to the formation of muscle beef clinically proven T Brock Symons, a medical researcher at the University of Texas. Symons ensure that muscle protein synthesis increased 51 percent after the subjects included in the study consumed about 120 grams of lean beef.

2. Eggs

Whole eggs provide good protein. One egg contains 6-8 grams of protein. An egg is also rich in vitamins, zinc, iron, and calcium, making it one of the most complete muscle-forming foods that can be eaten.

3. Chicken breast

Every 100 grams of chicken breast contains 30 grams of protein with minimal fat. This includes chicken breast meat source of protein that is not too expensive, easy to cook and can be served with a variety of cuisines. To be sure, the chicken can help build muscle.

4. Salmon

Salmon a potent source of protein, which also contains omega-3 is good. Both materials will help build muscle, and studies show, this will help boost your metabolism for faster results.

5. Milk chocolate

Milk chocolate, which is particularly popular with the children, it seems to help a lot more muscle.

6. Cheese

According to the Mayo Clinic, the cheese can be mensubsitusi meat as a protein source. About 30 grams of low-fat cheese contributed 7 grams of muscle-forming protein, as well as cottage cheese.

7. Whey Protein

Classified in the protein absorbed quickly. Protein is a fine dining after exercise. Contains amino acids that are essential to build and maintain muscle.

8. Spinach

research at Rutgers University show that the consumption of spinach can increase muscle growth by up to 20 percent.

9. Kuinoa

If you want the source of carbohydrates that helps build muscle, try kuinoa. A total of 100 grams contains 14 grams of protein kuinoa along with essential amino acids making it a good addition to the muscle-forming food.

10. Water

It’s not the food, but enough water is an important part of muscle building. The body consists of 70 percent water and muscle tissue is about 75 percent water. Keeping hydrated will increase muscle strength, energy levels, and helps digestion running smoothly.