Oct 07

Preventing Skin Cancer

Taking skin cancer when you are otherwise ill cancer arguably a little late. Especially when it is in the severe stage. Cancer drug created by inventors through various researches to destroy cancer cells in the body. But by no means 100% they will be successful in one use. Cancer drugs should be consumed within a period of time. Cancer drugs usually takes a long time.

sunblockDari cream on pain medication and had skin cancer, you should take precautions beforehand. To prevent skin cancer, the first thing to avoid is sunlight. Sunlight is a major cause of skin cancer. Sunlight is divided into three, namely UVA, UVB and UVC. Of the 3 types of rays, the most dangerous UVA and UVB rays. Although actually more UVB than UVA role in increasing the risk of skin cancer.

its prevention very easy way is to use sunblock creams. Do not even think of using a long-sleeved shirt, you have to prevent UVA and UVB rays so the best way is to use sunblock regularly. These types of sunblock that has been adapted to the activity:

Career women or men are advised to use sunblock with SPF 24 PA + + or SPF 30 PA +. Remember, your office may keep your skin stay white but he could not prevent a UV rays damage your skin.
Lovers of traveling or the traveler should use SPF 30 PA + + or SPF 50 PA + + +. You are vacation should still use sunblock SPF 30 PA + + even if you’re not sunbathing. If you like sunbathing or playing to the beach, you should use SPF 50 PA + + + UV rays at the beach because it is very strong.
Athletes or sports lovers, especially for outdoor sports are advised to use sunblock SPF 50 PA + + +.

If you’ve got skin cancer, do not forget to consult a doctor and ask for a cancer drug that matches your type of cancer. Suggested cancer drugs according to the dose given. If you feel nauseated, weak and sick, call your doctor.