Oct 15

How to Make a Simple Viewer Tool To Detect Nicotine

Today, nicotine is one of the most dangerous substances to the body if not in the proper use, these substances are usually planted on smoking, and other illicit drugs as those on drugs. Aware of the danger of, no doubt make some people make simple Aids to detect the content of nicotine in foods and beverages that are widely circulated in the market.

Fibrosis can make props detecting nicotine itself easily by just using a few tools such as the following:

Materials needed: small plastics jars, 2 pieces of plastic tube the size of a cigarette, cotton, plastic glue and nails to pierce the plastic and other relevant tools.
Method: Close plastic perforated at intervals, and then plug the hole in the pit, do not forget to be the glue that meeting. Insert cotton on plastic.
How to use: Put cigarette at one end of the hose, then use the other end of the hose to suck. Observe that the cotton is in a plastic jar and note what happens. Cotton looks yellowish, yellow is what is nicotine.

These devices are manufactured by: Muhajir, S.Ag (LRC), Suparyati, A.Ma Pd (Chairman PSBG), Kasturi (PBS 1) and Hj. Rustiyati (PBS 2)