Aug 08

How Baby Birth Process?

After pregnancy or during pregnancy had a 37 to 42 weeks, now it was time that awaited and thrilling. An expectant mother must undergo a process of labor to earn the coveted baby. This process is also experienced by all of us, but of course we do not remember how it was, the event when you get out of the mother’s womb. Let’s find out just what happened during the first time in your life.
Delivery Process

During pregnancy, the fetus is living safely in the womb of the mother. In a protected place, the fetus gets a nutritious diet, are protected and continue to grow until finally a complete fetal organs form and ready to be born. This process can continue because the cervix is ​​closed tightly so that the fetus can continue to live safely in the womb for about nine months. Upon completion of pregnancy, the fetus is now ready to come out of the uterus in labor.

An expectant mother to be maternity, will usually begin with heartburn due to stomach contraction motion in the muscles of the uterus. An unpleasant taste and make a sick mother. Then, to prepare the way out for the baby, the cervix begins to thin, soften and stretch is also coupled with the enlargement of the vagina. Along with the enlargement of the cervix and vagina, ruptured membranes and a marker, the baby should be out soon.

As an effort to push the baby, the uterus begins to shrink and contract that will help the baby out. Expectant mothers should also help boost the amount of power so the baby can get out. On a normal birth, a birth mother in order to push the long-awaited baby can occur.

The cause of the shrinking and stretching of the uterus cervix triggered by two things. First, the production of the brain hormone oxytocin is produced in large quantities. The second factor is the cessation of the hormone progesterone from the placenta to the uterus begins to contract, and will push the baby out.

After the baby is out, the baby should have a very different environment changes from the previous residence in the womb. If the previous fetal lungs in the sac containing the amniotic fluid, now after the birth, the baby’s lungs should be filled with air to breathe. To fill his lungs with air, the baby should cry and it became a decisive first cry.

Through the process of labor, although in a relatively short time will be an unforgettable experience, thrilling at the same time happy because this is a process for the presence of the child. In order to run smoothly labor, maternal, and some of the procedures necessary to know the mother. Thus, it is important to maintain the health and eating nutritious food to welcome your baby.