Oct 15

Know the Various Types of Field Futsal The Ordinary Applied

Play futsal with my friends is doing good in some people who love the sport of football will this one. Futsal itself seems to be a magnet to attract enough people to exercise and play, not Just fun that we get are pretty, with futsal we can also train our body strength and agility in managing the ball. This time it would try to discuss about the types of futsal niy, because so many people turned out to the less know the type they use on the field when they play, the effect most of them must be wrong to use comfortable shoes and do not play futsalnya: D.. Consider a variety of futsal field type this one


Although less popular in Indonesia, this type widely used in European countries and Latin America. Material Parquette highly visible so it is quite sticky at the foot. parquet


Field type of vinyl is often also called rubber, has the basic ingredients that resemble rubber. As a result, the material between futsal, is the softest type.


Field taraflex made ​​of polyethylene. This is a material made ​​from plastic seed is processed into a hard material. Therefore, the field type has a pretty good durability.

Plastic carpet

Field made ​​of polypropylene or PP by naked eyes look different from teraflex, although both made ​​from plastic. This type consists of hundreds of sheets of plastic that can be assembled and released. So it’s pretty easy to move and have a high economic value.


Futsal Field making the most simple and easy. In big cities, the field type is not popular. But not so in the two cities. There are many places that use indoor soccer field this type because of economical and durable.

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