Jan 20

Tips on Treating Vertigo

Tips on Treating Vertigo
Do you often plagued by excruciating headache attacks? Should not be underestimated, because the symptoms could be showing signs of vertigo. However, do not worry, because the vertigo attacks that disrupt the activities, can be driven with a few tricks,


One of the most important and affects the symptoms of vertigo that happens to us, is the quality of sleep. Therefore, vertigo can be caused hours of lost sleep and poor sleep quality. To that end, cukupilah your daily sleep requirement, ie for 7-9 hours.


Eating fruit and vegetable juice, is one way sufficient nutrients into the body that can block the attack of vertigo. Therefore, a glass of fruit juice, or vegetables contain a lot of fluid and fiber intake into the body, which makes an attack of vertigo away. Optimize consumption of juice with water, in order to maximize results.


The content of vitamin C in the range of berries, shown to counteract the symptoms of vertigo attack. How easy presentation, you can eat fruits, or become a favorite topping of yogurt.


Milk containing almonds, also good to dispel vertigo disorders. One type is almond milk, which contains nutrients such as vitamins D, E, as well as a good source of carbohydrates, which can cure vertigo symptoms that interfere.