Apr 20

Excessive anxiety can lead to health disorders

If you live in a big city, especially, you know what it means to suffer from stress and anxiety. Both states affect the health of all those who have responsibilities in the home, in the office, with family, etc.. Especially in women, stress and exhaustion are much more common than in men, as they are usually the ones who are responsible for household chores. This is where you are born pathological anxiety.

Living in the capital and its quickened pace usually involves strenuous routines that require energy of who performs it. This same energy expenditure at the end of the day produces anxiety, distress, depression, sleeping problems, among other things. But when these conditions affect our health, it means you have become an anxiety disorder pathology that requires attention.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) in the world, 3 out of 10 people do not master their anxiety levels. The situation is alarming. The numbers are increasing every year, proving that the female gender is even more vulnerable to take more responsibilities and enter the world of work and business. According to Dr. Gustavo Bustamante, director of the Foundation Phobia Club, “for every man who suffers, so do three women.”

So, analyze your lifestyle and work, worry about your health, opt for a healthier lifestyle with a balanced diet, practice a hobby or sport, and, if necessary, go to a professional in the area of ​​the health, so you see how you are and what you can do to lead a healthier life.