Apr 20

What to do when the child invents an imaginary friend

We often hear that children between 3 and 6 years old has an imaginary friend. This friend can be an animal, a person or even a fantasy character. For some parents, this is normal, but for others this is a real concern for the development and health of their children. Who is right?

First of all, consider that for the child, imaginary play, fantasy and role play are part of everyday life. Therefore, it is strange to think that as imagined objects and situations, people and animals can imagine. It is not a failure at all, but a completely normal process that is within the game play.

Imaginary friends do not occur only or children only children alone, in contrast, often create healthier children playmates to feel always accompanied. And it is normal that accompany this imaginary friend for several years in his childhood, until the time comes when I forget or put aside.

It is unhealthy for parents to take this imaginary friend as something serious and require the child to remove or deny. What is recommended is that the parent tries to meet this friend through the child, in order to determine facets of the child who otherwise might not know about, things more personal. In addition, the support, the child will feel more confident in their parents.

So, do not feel insecure or worried if your child tells you about her new imaginary friend. Support him, accompany and worry about your self-esteem, to always be a child full of health and happiness.