Aug 08

Jaundice in Infants Is it dangerous?

Seeing your baby’s skin or yellow eyes, fair if you feel panic and fear. Cases of jaundice in newborns is quite a lot. About 60% occur in infants who are born with enough content age and 80% of infants born preterm. Babies commonly called yellow jaundice is actually not always harmful. Nevertheless, the need for proper handling in case of continuously can cause brain damage!


Jaundice in infants caused by high levels of bilirubin contained in the body. Bilirubin levels increased when the bilirubin produced higher levels of bilirubin than capable issued by the body. If the bilirubin levels greater than 5 mg / dL, the results of skin and baby’s eyes will be yellow.

Yellow is not a disease in infants and is considered reasonable is called physiologic jaundice. This situation is not painful for the baby itself, but also be aware of and not left on too long because of the high levels of bilirubin can cause brain damage complications.

Ordinary yellow color appears on the forehead and the white of the eye. Then go down to the chest, abdomen, arms and legs. The way to check is to press on the baby’s forehead or nose using a single finger. If the baby’s skin becomes yellow when the finger is removed, most likely the baby’s bilirubin levels high and you should consult a doctor for this problem.

The yellow color comes from bilirubin. What is bilirubin? Bilirubin comes from the breakdown of red blood cells. Bilirubin will be processed in the liver into conjugated bilirubin will be excreted through urine or feces. Conjugated bilirubin will not cause jaundice.

Causes of Jaundice in Infants

Jaundice or jaundice in babies is actually a natural thing and usually occurs 3-4 days after birth and will disappear after 1-2 weeks later. But there is also a baby that looks yellow before 24 hours of birth or high levels of bilirubin in the body. This situation is referred to as hyperbilirubinemia. If it happens like that, babies should receive immediate medical treatment. Because there is excess bilirubin in the blood can enter the brain and leave the rest of the damage permanent.

Some causes of infant jaundice or yellow, among others:

Intestine and liver function is not perfect
Intestine and liver in the newborn have not been able to work perfectly, so much bilirubin is not conjugated and are not lost from the body. Generally occurs in the first week until the third week after birth. In some cases, it may last longer, ie until 10 weeks.

Additionally, bilirubin production more than production in adults. Babies produce bilirubin 2-3 fold. The amount of bilirubin in the body that make jaundice.
Lack of food intake
In the first 2-3 days after birth, the mother has not been able to remove milk for her baby. Thus, jaundice due to lack of food. However, this does not need to worry because usually after a few days later, the milk can come out to meet the needs of infants.
When the process of birth, a baby may experience bruising or bruising. Bruising is a gathering of frozen blood. The body will attempt to heal this bruised by mennghancurkan frozen blood, which also will increase the production of bilirubin.
Hemolytic disease
This occurs because the mother’s blood type or Rh incompatible with your baby. As a result, the mother will make antibodies that attack the baby’s red blood cells. Red blood cells are attacked it will split so as to produce a lot of bilirubin.
G6PD enzyme deficiency
Lack of this enzyme in the body causing an increase in bilirubin. G6PD enzyme abnormalities are congenital abnormalities.

Yellow Baby cure

If bilirubin levels are not too high or relatively mild, required no special treatment. To assist the process of spending bilirubin in the body, can be done by:

Provide sufficient intake
Give adequate food intake. Best food for babies is breast milk. With the abundance of food in the process of removing urine and feces can be more smoothly so that helped kaluar bilirubin from the body.

Whether or not giving enough attention to the intake of urine and feces. Things to be considered include frequency of urination and stool color baby. Most babies pee as much as 5-6 times a day and stool color changed from dark green.
Dry in the sun
Drying the baby in the sun in the morning can help overcome the jaundice. Sunlight will help breakdown the bilirubin. It’s just worth noting the time and duration of drying the baby. Do not let the baby’s skin is burned by the sun. Do not let the baby is exposed to direct sunlight for more than 10 minutes.

Conversely, if jaundice is quite severe, with high levels of bilirubin, a doctor may recommend that light therapy. Babies will be presented a special blue light that will help transform bilirubin into a form more easily excreted in the urine or feces.

Breast-feeding or breast milk is one way to prevent jaundice in babies. It also can cure baby jaundice yellow or light. So, do not hesitate to give milk to baby even though at first she should feel the pain in the breast, but it is needed by your little baby.